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    Post  kimerajamm on Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:02 am

    well as the title says this is a uhh topic of everything about gintama list your favorite opening and ending's, have discussions, and what your favorite scene is, any amv's, and anything related to gintama add it here unless if its an episode then it would go in the dub or sub episode section

    hopefully you have seen it before you post here by the way

    lets see first i would say characters which is your favorite character?
    and i will answer right now as well i think everyone is awesome gintoki is awesome, so is katsura and everyone in the shinsengumi like hijikata (awesome), okita (also awesome), kondo (weirdo but funny) they all make it awesome but i think gintoki is the best he is what makes gintama, well gintama

    and now again for anyone else who is your favorite character?

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